Friday, March 13, 2020


Friday Freebie, weird friday the 13th. Schools closing, Toilet Paper becoming more precious than gold... Strange times for sure, But one must draw.. Haven't done a freebie for a while. Sorry about that. So I present todays Free-Bee...

Keeping clean as he should.

and PNG...

No color this time around, figured most people will have plenty of time on their hands to color.



Suze said...

As you say Strange Times. I like that the bee is keeping himself clean - so important with this virus around.

femke said...

Heey Dustin,

yes the world is turning crazy and I don't understand the whole toiletpaper thing because it has nothing to do with this particular virus at all. We all need to take a good breathe to calm down before we are barely able to do so. Stay strong everyone!!!

Thank you for sharing this fun image that made me giggle a little.

greetings Femke

Janette said...

This is so cute, thankyou for this cutie, we all need to stay home and colour...Take care.x

Chrissy said...

Thank you so much, he is such fun..


Rhonda Miller said...

He's cute. Thanks for sharing.

Buffy Burnside said...

Thank you! this bee is adorable! <3

Borqna said...

Thank you for this lovely Free-Bee! Smile!

Bunny said...

Thank you, Dustin. He's a cute bee.

These are crazy times for sure. Glad to see that you're still drawing. [Bunny]

ike said...

Oh, he's super cute. Glad I found you again :-)
Thank you very much.
IKE =^..^=

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ike said...

He's so cute. Thank you very much. I used him on this card.


Cardsbymaaike said...

Thank you!, strange times indeed, leap year?

Spyder said...

Oh My! I had to see if your link from my blog still worked as I've been away YEARS! It's just that I knew that peeking giraffe was yours, (above post) seen it about crafty places and just said, That's a Dustin Pike's giraffe. Thank you for the freebie. Stay Safe, keep drawing

Spyder said...

Aw, I've been missing blogland for ages but it's nice to see your art work is still going strong!

Spyder said...

A Little Cutie!