Thursday, June 16, 2016

Drawing and more drawing...

I'm drawing every second I'm not at work and here's just a sample of the things I've been drawing.

Lots of Inking and coloring going on. Check back tomorrow for a new Freebie Friday..


Friday, June 03, 2016

Friday Freebie...Finally

Finally a Freebie For a Friday.
Pools opened this past weekend and I think Dudley is ready to go.

 Been a while and I have really hesitated posting some stuff. My life has taken a turn in the last year and a half. Not to get into too much detail but Ive separated from my wife, divorce is almost final and I find myself with a lot of time on my hands in an apartment and a cat. That being said my art and my site have suddenly become more than just something to do. I am catching up on old stuff but also am excited to move on and start new things.

Ive been asked a lot about a new monthly membership and I find myself constantly making adult coloring pages and next year when school is back in I am the TA for the SPED program at the school I work at AND I will be teaching all elementary art, K thru 6 so i now find myself creating lessons for the kids. So with all this new stuff on my desk and in my head I will be offering a monthly membership For June. 40 items. Clipart, Adult Coloring pages and other fun stuff like How to Draws and things of that nature. Ive also decided that some of these will be exclusive and not sold in my store. Etsy shop or My Teacher Pay Teachers Store as well.

Working out the details so keep an eye open for news about what's to come.

Hang in there, its going to be an art filled summer.