Sunday, February 27, 2011

Challenge Time is HERE! Spring is in the Air

Oh, how I wish spring was in the air, but I am still shoveling snow.  When will the madness end?  So in hope's that spring arrives soon, my first challenge is "Spring is in the air".  You get to make a project or card using spring colors, my images that represent spring to you, or even better...combine them.  I can not wait to see what you come up with.  More details at the end of this post.  Here is what my Doodle Dragon Crew created for you for inspiration.


Remember we have a wonderful new point system for all challenge entries, called Pike's Points.  For all that enter the challenge you will get Pike Points that will add up to free digitals from the store.  If you are selected by you will get some additional points for your entry, and for even MORE points, if you are Pike's Pick (chosen by me and my DoodleDragon Crew) for going above and beyond and being SUPER fabulous you get more Pike's Points.  So, what are you waiting for?

  1. Choose a Doodle Dragon Studios image and create something spring themed (colors or image)
  2. Directly link your project using MR. LINKY (below)
  3. You may only submit one project per challenge
  4. Must be registered at Doodle Dragon Studios to receive points (go HERE to register)
  5. Challenge open until March 6th, winners announced on March 9th.
  6. Card or project should be created for this challenge and the challenge referenced on your blog or other sites that they are posted on.  Any reference to my blog or links to my blog are much appreciated.
Fine Print along get 10 points, that's 50 cents just for playing along, win the random pick and get 20 points that's $1.00, and the Doodledragon Crew's "pike's pick" choice gets 30 points, thats $1.50.  Of course seeing as I am the boss around here, these rules are subject to change as I see fit, in order to make things run more smoothly.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

When Dudley Grows Up...

13 new Digi's in both Color and Black N White. Dudley imagines he want to be lots of things...

This set is located HERE

As always my Totally Awesome DT has come up with some amazing cards...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I am a millionaire, Well not really, oh yes and a freebie too...

Maybe not but I do have over a million hits on my blog as of today...And 1528 followers, IF or should I say when I get 2000 followers I have a 20 digi set that I will be giving away in celebration...So in honor of my million hits I present to you...
Click for full size digi...
tomorrow finds us with even more Dudley Dragon goodness, 13 more occupations that Dudley is considering and I am just gonna show a few...
A pizza Chef, Nurse, Soldier and a um....Smart Dragon...
I double posted today and I apologize to Ginny on my DT Here introduction blog post is here...

Doodledragon Crew Introduction - Day 8

Thank you to all the kind commenters on my blog.  No matter how busy I get, they are all read and appreciated.  Your devotion keep my hands drawing!  Keep those very appreciated comments coming.

Now, I don't want to forget about my talented Doodledragon crew from "down under", Ginny...

G'Day, my name is GINNY and yes you guessed it, I'm from "Down under". A mum of 5 who is now living In Sydney after being a "bush baby" for many years. I started out scrapbooking a while back and drifted into cardmaking about 3 years ago and it has become my latest obsession. I fell in love with Dustin's images a couple of years ago and feel honored to be a part of his design team and a member of our wacky extended cyber-family. You can see more of my artwork HERE.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Doodledragon Crew Introduction - Day 7

Just a few more days and you will get to see a fabulous NEW Release....I can hardly stand to wait that long in order to show you.   I am distracting myself by drawing some more great stuff.  You will just have to be patient with me.  But in the mean time, how about I introduce....Veronica, known around these parts as "V" is her story.

Many, many, many years ago, somewhere shortly after dinosaurs roamed the earth, on a Tuesday...oh, wait...that's a different story.  Let's see...I live in central Oklahoma with my firefighter husband (who recommended we live together) and adorable little monsters, who keeps us entertained most nights and awake until all hours of the rest of them. When I'm not being entertained by my monsters or spending time with my husband, I am a certified computer geek and work as a Quality Control & HR Benefits Admin. 

I have a somewhat quirky sense of humor, a passionate fear of things with 8 legs and an obsession with scrapbooking tools.  To me, stamps are scrapbooking tools. This justifies my driving need to have the most stamps before I die.  Digital stamps totally count.  I grew up with an artist mother and while I never had the interest to draw my own images, I love pulling out my growing collection of colored pencils and tackling the works of our fine Sheriff. There is not much cooler in my bag of paper crafting tricks than watching the images come to life under my finger tips.  No Copics are harmed, or even used in my work.  Contrary to the popular myth (and my driving need for really cool tools), I tried them and just didn't like them.  

Everything else you need to know about me an be summed up with my favorites:

Favorite sport - Hockey (Go Pens!); Favorite color - Red; Favorite "Designs" - Dragons and Monsters (and sometimes Monkeys, Bears, Penguins and possibly Frogs); Favorite Stamp Designer - Dustin (seriously, did really expect a different answer there?); Favorite embellishment - Buttons!; and finally favorite crafty tool - my craft knife.

You can see my blog HERE.

Monday, February 21, 2011

DoodleDragon Crew Introduction - Day 6

I am working on the gallery over on my website.  I will be posting some of the Doodledragon Crew's wonderful artwork for inspiration, as well as the challenge winners images.  This should give you some great eye candy all in one location.  Keep a look out for this going live.

Here is another one of my wild and looney Doodledragon Crew members.  You never know what to expect from her.  Introducing Jennifer Dove.

My name is Jennifer Dove.   I am a 40 year old SAHM, currently teaching Copic classes at LSS.  I am a heavy equipment operator by trade and an artist by nature.  I am married and have 2 teen boys.  I lived in frigid Alaska for 12 years and now reside in sunny Arizona (I must be is HOT here!).  I have been working with all kind of art mediums for as long as I can remember.  Once I started using Copic markers I was hooked.  Most of my images will be colored with these markers.  I am a layers and embellishment kinda gal and you won't find me using too much pink.  I am hooked on Dustin's fun, wild and wacky, and whimsical images and am very honored to be on his Design Team.   I am the outspoken, rugged, wild and crazy trouble maker of the group.  You can see my blog HERE for coloring fun and inspiration using DoodleDragon images.  I look forward to seeing all your amazing creations that you have created using DoodleDragon Studios designs.  I am honored to be apart of the "Crew".

Here are a few of my favorites (it was hard to decide).

Sunday, February 20, 2011

DoodleDragon Crew Introduction - Day 5

With all that talk about challenges yesterday, I just thought I would go ahead and announce the date that we will officially be starting our challenges here on my blog...get out your paper, scissors, and glue.  Get that printer warmed up and printing!  Challenges will officially start Sunday, February 27th!  You will have two weeks to create something fantastic and enter using Mr. Linky.  I look forward to seeing what you create!  And now, I would like to officially welcome Ted to our Doodledragon Crew.  Ted proves that guys can be crafty too.

Here is what Ted wrote...

On a beautiful Thursday, Ted entered the world bawling like...well, like a baby.  Little did he know he shared Hitler's birthday.  Little did he care.  At some point in time, he just wanted to drink milk and burp his way to a slumbering bliss.  That lasted for about 6 months, give or take.

Growing up, he always had an affinity for the arts and crafts.  While other boys were practicing their curveball, Ted was practicing his cursive.  While other guys were dreaming of the perfect race car, Ted was dreaming of the perfect markers.  Dabbling in the many forms of art, he found his calling with the woman-dominated world of scrapbooking and paper-crafting.  Yes, he's just that intelligent.  Nothing does Ted love more then the challenge of finding a popular paper-crafting tool in a color other than pink, Good times.

Card making became Ted's hobby of choice when he realized that the canvas was much smaller, ergo more manageable.  When he stumbled upon Dustin Pike's fun, playful style, Ted just knew Dustin was the artist to follow!  Combining his love of Photoshop Elements with Dustin's wonderful digital images, Ted was having a blast at his keyboard (legally).  He knew that someday he would have to become a part of the Doodledragon Studio design team (Doodledragon Crew).  Imagine his joy when he asked Dustin if there were any openings and Dustin invited him on board.  Let's face it...being the only guy DT member...surrounded by all these beautiful women?

Here is some of Ted's artwork.

You can see more of Ted's cards HERE.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

DoodleDragon Crew Introduction - Day 4

I know I mentioned this briefly a while back, and I am still working out the details, but we are adding a reward system to our challenges, cleverly named "Pike's Points".  Now, details may change but these are my thoughts.  When you enter a challenge you will automatically get some Pike's Points for participating as I love to see your artwork you have created using my images.  As a bonus one random entrant will be drawn and given some more Pike's Points...and to top that off my fabulous Doodle Crew and I will pick an entrant that has gone the extra mile, called "Pike's Pick", for more Pike's could make bank on just one challenge!   You then get to use your Pike Points to get images from Doodledragon Studios.  Make sure you register HERE to get set up so that Pike's Points can be issued to you.  So, to make the Pike's Point system along get 10 points, that's 50 cents just for playing along, win the random pick and get 20 points that's $1.00, and the Doodledragon Crew's "pike's pick" choice gets 30 points, thats $1.50.  Of course seeing as I am the boss around here, these rules are subject to change as I see fit, in order to make things run smoothly. Of course with such great rewards I will have to set a limit to only one entrant per challenge, so make it count.

I will also post your creation on my blog when I announce the winner's.  Our first challenge is coming soon, real soon, so be on the lookout!   

And now, Introducing.....Ri

My name is Ri and I was born and raised for 23 years in Germany. I have been in the USA for 20 years this year and have been residing with my husband and 2 great teenagers in the southern part of Virginia. I have been crafty all my life and tried all kinds of crafts.   If I am not paper crafting or beading you can find me hanging out with my awesome family and our sweet 4 legged crew. We are owned by 4 dogs that truly enrich our lives every day. I have known Dustin Pike for many years since we met in an artist group online and I loved his drawings right from the start, so I am proud to be on his DT team.  You can see my blog HERE.

Here is some of my creations.

Friday, February 18, 2011

DoodleDragon Crew Introduction - Day 3

With the New Year and all the new exciting stuff happening around here I have been thinking about having some guest Doodledragon Crew members.  Keep your eyes peeled for all the information I will post here in the near future.  And now introducing another one of my fabulous Doodle Crew, here is Kerri...

Hello!  My name is Kerri.  I'm a home grown Utah girl, except for the few years we lived in Orange County and San Diego.  I'm a SAHM, although I am not sure why I'm called a SAHM if I'm never home!  You'll find me at my kids sporting events, spending time with family, doing projects for church, PTA or Boy Scouts.  I am married to an awesome man with three amazing kids (18, 14 & 10).   When I am home, I love creating with Dustin's digis.  I am a HUGE fan of Dustin's and LOVE being on his design team!   My style is clean and simple.  If I can combine a Doodle Dragon Studios image with my Cricut and Cuttlebug my day is more complete!  Come visit me anytime at

Here are a few of my favorite pieces.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Release Thursday...

Some old, some new, some new to some of you...
New Cupcake Monkey SVG file.
Here he is in action from my awesome DT member

 Adding a few older sets back into the new site as well today, so far I have...
Zoo 10

 Dino Train


And my Awareness set.

All of these can be found on the Digi Sets page of my website...
I will be adding about 12 or 13 more older sets over the next day or so...