Saturday, February 19, 2011

DoodleDragon Crew Introduction - Day 4

I know I mentioned this briefly a while back, and I am still working out the details, but we are adding a reward system to our challenges, cleverly named "Pike's Points".  Now, details may change but these are my thoughts.  When you enter a challenge you will automatically get some Pike's Points for participating as I love to see your artwork you have created using my images.  As a bonus one random entrant will be drawn and given some more Pike's Points...and to top that off my fabulous Doodle Crew and I will pick an entrant that has gone the extra mile, called "Pike's Pick", for more Pike's could make bank on just one challenge!   You then get to use your Pike Points to get images from Doodledragon Studios.  Make sure you register HERE to get set up so that Pike's Points can be issued to you.  So, to make the Pike's Point system along get 10 points, that's 50 cents just for playing along, win the random pick and get 20 points that's $1.00, and the Doodledragon Crew's "pike's pick" choice gets 30 points, thats $1.50.  Of course seeing as I am the boss around here, these rules are subject to change as I see fit, in order to make things run smoothly. Of course with such great rewards I will have to set a limit to only one entrant per challenge, so make it count.

I will also post your creation on my blog when I announce the winner's.  Our first challenge is coming soon, real soon, so be on the lookout!   

And now, Introducing.....Ri

My name is Ri and I was born and raised for 23 years in Germany. I have been in the USA for 20 years this year and have been residing with my husband and 2 great teenagers in the southern part of Virginia. I have been crafty all my life and tried all kinds of crafts.   If I am not paper crafting or beading you can find me hanging out with my awesome family and our sweet 4 legged crew. We are owned by 4 dogs that truly enrich our lives every day. I have known Dustin Pike for many years since we met in an artist group online and I loved his drawings right from the start, so I am proud to be on his DT team.  You can see my blog HERE.

Here is some of my creations.


Rhonda Miller said...

Hi Ri, it's nice learning about you. I just love your cards.

Scrapcat 1 said...

Nice to meet you Ri, looking forward to the new style challenges, thanks for the newsletter too!

Gramma said...

Ri I love your work. LOL at dogs owning you.. its the truth though.

Dustin so far,...... so far.... I am still your #1 fan.

Unknown said...

Hi yours creations are gorgeous.

designsfromwithinbycharlotte said...

Ri, you chose two of my favs of yours! Totally awesome creations!