Friday, April 27, 2012

More Show Off!

A few more of the Doodle Crew made some things to share out of the Bloviversary images.  Be sure and get over to the store and get you "bunches" of images for a steal of a deal!


Crafty Girl

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Show off!

Here are a few cards made by two of the DoodleCrew, Grandma and kerri were busy using some of the Blogiversary3 images.  Doesn't it make you want the great know you want the images!  What are you waiting for?  Go here and pick up your goodies!








Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A request...

First Thank you...Blogiversary is still going for a bit, had a few people needing an extra day or two...Thanks to all who have played along...A while back like a year or two ago, we did a card drive for a dancing friend of my daughter's who recently diagnosed with MS. She dances when she can but it's not very often... This Saturday my family and I are joining the team for Kenzie and walking in the MS walk...I am looking to raise money for the team, I know we are all strapped for cash, but every bit counts in things like this...

I have over 1800 followers on this blog, IF each person donated just one buck, that'd blow Kenzie's goal of $350 out of the water, Heck I might even be inspired to create a few more freebies...? Stranger things have happened...People take the time to stop by and snag a freebie, why not show your appreciation and support a great cause...?

The National MS Society is kicking off Walk MS 2012: Salt Lake City, Presented by Questar. I am planning to be a part of this inspiring event and I am asking you to join me in the movement to MS by making a contribution to support my effort.

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society is dedicated to ending the unpredictability of MS.  They simultaneously fund research for a cure while also helping people who currently live with MS lead more fulfilling lives.  I believe in the work they do, and I invite you to see for yourself all the good they've done for the MS community.  More than 400,000 Americans live with MS, and your support can and will make changes in their lives.

Please help by making a donation - large or small - to end MS. Or, why not join me at the event? Become a participant and side by side, as teammates, we can work together to raise the funds to make a difference.

Whatever you can give will help! I greatly appreciate your support and will keep you posted on my progress.

The teams page is HERE   "Dancing For Life"

Thanks, Dustin

Monday, April 23, 2012


Okay, now that I got your attention!  Don't forget we have a fun challenge going on and you can get a free image when you enter.  See the post below or click on the challenge link on the left of the blog under "Pikes Playground".  I am sure you all are just busy sorting through all the Blogiversary images you just got for a steal of a deal.  There is still time if you haven't picked up your 3000 images for 20 bucks HERE

While your here I wanted to introduce our newest DoodleCrew member.  Introducing Jan.  Here is a little abut Jan below.  Be sure and leave her some love.

Hi, my name is Jan Garber, and I am absolutely thrilled to be joining this crazy zoo they call Doodle Dragon Studios! 

I am a married and early-retired stay-at-home housewife living in Buckeye,  Arizona.  That's a small suburb outside of Phoenix. With the temperatures hovering well over 100 much of the year, I am very happy spending my days creating cards and layouts.

I have one young grandson who inspires me with most of my "kid’s"projects, and a wonderfully supportive husband who encourages me and finances all of my little whims.  I taught kindergarten and Special Education for many years, and get much of my "creativeness" from those many days spent playing with scissors, paint, and crayons!  I’ve been locked away and playing in my room now for about 7 years, only coming out to eat, sleep, and buy more scrapbooking supplies!   I am always trying new techniques and products, and expanding my style.  My coloring has improved immensely from my early days due to a very patient and DEMANDING Copics instructor. I believe some of you may know her as the “slave driver”, Jennifer Dove!  Haha!

 I feel comfortable creating romantic, vintage projects as well as fun, spunky ones.  I have long admired the art by Dustin Pike, and am already imagining all sorts of shenanigans for these characters to get into!  I have a somewhat "edgy", but not terribly crass, sense of humor, so watch out!

Here are a few situations from the past where Dustin’s images have played a role in my unexplainable and insane behavior!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Challenge at Pikes Playground

I don't know about you but the sun is starting to poke out around here and I am ready after a long winter for some outdoor activities.  The challenge is "Outdoor Activities".  With this amazing deal on the blogiversary going on there are sure to be some images to use for this challenge.  Remember you get a free image just for entering using a DoodleDragonstudios image.  Just add your link below and you could get the image that is part of this little sneak peek.  Don't forget to email dustin for your free image once you enter.

Here is the Doodle Crew inspiration









Saturday, April 21, 2012

Freebie and it's coming to an end....

My Blogiversary that is...

Still time to grab: BUT not too long.....tick tick tick....
Blogiversary Deal 1

Blogiversary Deal 2

and 77 new digi's for the low price of $10

IF you order or have ordered any of the above sets, PLEASE check your spam folder, sometimes the emails with links are found there. ALSO if they don't show up there EVERY order you place with me is located in your "order history" on my page when you login and look under your order history.....

Friday night is Pizza night at the Pike house, either delivered or homemade...not by this guy of course...


Friday, April 20, 2012

Blogiversary...officially, NEW ART

New art today for my official 3rd Blogiversary...In celebration I have 77 new art images ALL BnW no color this time around, a lot of Dudley and it's a crazy blogiversary price of only $10...yes ten bucks for 77 new digi's...

 The set can be found here for a limited time. This deal disappears Sunday night...

Hard to believe 3 years and I have 1800 people following me and my crazy doodles, Thank you all so much for sticking with me and your support.

it's 1:40 AM and I will be adding the Friday Freebie to this post a little later on...


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Blogiversary 3 Random Freebie...

and Deal #2...

I have received a lot of emails asking for another deal... So here it is... All of 2011 monthly art for the amazingly low price of $20. Yes 20 bucks for 480 images. All of the images included can be seen here...

Order it HERE:

Do not worry if you are waiting for new stuff, I will have new art and a new unpassable deal Friday...

Random Blogiversary Freebie 3:


Sunday, April 15, 2012

blogiversary freebie 2

He's a little puzzled at what may be inside, but once he finds out he will hurry off into the jungle...

Looks like he got away...

Still time to catch the 3 yr Blogiversary Deal...


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Blogiversary week Freebie 01

For those not subscribed to my newsletter from my site here is the information on my current Blogiversary 3 Mega Deal...
IF you have bought black Friday a couple years back and memorial day sale from last year most of those files are included in this set. This is mostly for the new followers that would like to get it all for a crazy price and be caught up with the rest of the DoodleDragon followers...

Next Friday marks my 3 year Blogiversary and I am kicking it off a little early. Starting with a sale of all sales. Blogiversary 3 Mega deal, See the link below. First 300 people to purchase this set will get it for $20 bucks, then it will go up to $30 for the next 300, and after that $40 til midnight Sunday April 22nd. If you have all of this no need to worry I will have 3 new sets of artwork on Friday April 20th. As well as freebie and another super deal...
Want to see everything included in this MEGA DEAL...

Don't wait on this one, Buy the set and back it up to CD and never lose your files again. This whole set is HUGE, 300 MB, so I have separated it into files. Once you buy the set you will receive an email with the login to get to the page with all these goodies. I am announcing this here first to my subscribers before posting it on my blog...So don't wait...

***The files will be in zipped folders, This is a big set and I haven't got the time to sort them all out individually, For this crazy price you need to do a little work and sort your art how you'd like it on your computer once you have downloaded them all***

Here's today's Blogiversary week Freebie 01
She flew away...


Friday, April 13, 2012

Show and Tell - April

We have a "fun" challenge going on.  If you haven't gotten a chance to make something their is still time.  See the post below and enter using the Link button for your free image.  All you have to do is post and email me (Dustin).  This challenge freebie is a surprise!

Now to peek at some of the NEW April members images.  There is still time to get signed up.  Go HERE.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Challenge - Make Us Laugh

With April "fools" day this month we thought is time for fun and jokes this challenge.    Make something using a DoodleDragon image and you will receive a Surprise FREE image just for entering.  NO JOKE!  So get out your Doodle Dragon Images and get to work.  Here is what our Doodle Crew has created to make you giggle, snort and smile.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter...

Dudley just wanted to jump in here and wish everyone a Happy Easter..

No these are not available in a box dye set...