Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Silly Socks and Smiles Set for free...

In the spirit of giving and being thankful this time of year, 
I have created a free set. Silly Socks and Smiles.
There is a young lady named Emersyn Harris collecting silly socks for St. Judes Hospital, she also sends "Smiles" throughout the year to kids, something she's done for a while now and it would be great if everyone could create a card for her to use and send a pair of socks her way. She is trying to collect 1000 pairs and last count was 896 or so. I bet she'd be happy with even more than 1000...
If you are one of the crazy ones (like I am) and you are out shopping this weekend 
grab a pair and send them her way.

To learn more here is her facebook page:

 Her address is:
Emersyn Harris
P.O. Box 1203
Alexandria MN, 56308 
Click on the image above to be taken to the zip file containing all these above in color and BnW.

This set is an inspiration to send a little something and make someone's day, something as simple as a card, or even a pair of socks. I have never met her and I really can't remember how I got to her Facebook page in the first place. But what she does is awesome...

Everyone have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving...