Monday, March 17, 2008

Dance Competition sketches pt.1

With my daughter's dance competition season kicking
off this past weekend I am using the same sketch book
as I spend hours sitting in the gym waiting for their number
and that seems to take forever. This past weekend's them is sock monkey's for some unknown reason.... Don't know if it will continue
for the next comp. at the end of the month...Might color them one


IF ~ Heavy

Rough for this weeks Illustration Friday
"Heavy" For some reason I was on this
Sock Monkey kick this past weekend and
So I drew a sock monkey lifting a heavy
elephant, Now why this sock monkey is
doing that is beyond me and why the
elephant would want to or need to be
lifted by a sock monkey may reamain a
mystery for years to come...

Here is the finla colored version.
Watercolor and Prismacolor