Sunday, April 07, 2019

How To Draw...Coming Soon

One thing I miss about not working at a school any more is when I used to get to teach drawing or cartooning to the kids in the different grades. I'm working on a PDF version of drawing lessons to sell on my site, or offer as a Patreon for those who would like to support this venture. Heck hopefully maybe even a book one day. Working on youtube videos as well though that's gonna take a little more hopefully once I move into a bigger place. Showed this on my Instagram a while back. I'd work on normal things to draw but then might focus on a little more complex things like dragons, mythical beasts and things that you might be interested in... Do you have kids, or student that like to draw? heck I know there's even some of you out there that like to doodle. Bujo anyone? Simple doodles for that? 

Friday, April 05, 2019

Whimsy, Wizards and a Springtime Freebie...

I've recently teamed up with Whimsy Stamps to release some of my art in clear stamps. This month they released a few wizard sets and in 5 days they sold out... I believe that it's mainly Jenn Dove's coloring.
Shes a true wizard when it comes to coloring...
See for yourself

As promised here's a spring inspired freebie. this time only in Line art. JPG and a PNG option. Tell your friends because he just might hop away before you know it.  

Working on lots more stamps. Coming very very soon.