Monday, January 28, 2013

VooDoo U Love?

And can things get much crazier around here...of course!  Your'e gonna love these adorable Voodoo dollies.  The design team outdid themselves with adorable samples and sentiments.  These are perfect for that special person.  These sweet-as-can-be images are now available in the store.

"Voodoo Stuck"
"Voodoo Love"
"Voodoo Balloon"
"Voodoo Poison"
"Voodoo Line"

"It's Voodoo Love"
"Voodoo Post-It-Note"
Jan Garber

"Voodoo Love"

Voodoo Skull
Voodoo Lay
Lelia Pierce

Voodoo Poison
Charlotte de Zwart

And Here they are for you to order and start crafting away...
 VooDood with Balloon
 VooDood Love
 VooDood Line
 VooDood Stuck
VooDood Potion


Tigger a(r)t work said...

That's not fair *lol*, there are soooo VooDooLicious sweet!!!!!

And the work of the DT's is so wonderful!!!!!


Cazzy said...

Dustin, these would be even better for us, did you get my emails?

Spyder said...

I love the card with the eyes inside the skull! (I love them all really!! fabulous!!