Thursday, March 24, 2011

When Ordering ....PLEASE READ...!

In the past when people ordered from my site they were sent an email with the links to get the zipped files. This is still true for the new system I am using, BUT a lot of the big providers return the emails that are sent, almost 45% or so. If you order from my site and do not receive an email within a few minutes chances are the email was returned or in your spam folder. You can try to add to your address book and it should help get it thru to you. Or once you have ordered you can get the downloads under your order history on my page once you log in with your info..go to "login" click on "your account" then click on "order history". It will show all of the things you have ordered from DoodleDragonStudios.

If your computer crashes or you just need another chance to download the files after the link has expired send me an email. I do try to be around the computer most of the day, being a stay at home dad to 4 kids mean a lot of taxi time, kids forgetting lunches, homework, my ever growing "honey do" list, not to mention competition dance season has just kicked off and no I am not the one that dances...It might take me a day or two to get back to some of you. Some things I can do from my phone most things I cannot. Patience is appreciated.

I appreciate everyone's feedback on the Color and BnW question. This weekend I will be at the Scrapbook USA Expo, Friday night for the "Young Scrappers Club" and back early Saturday to pass out CD's of some DoodleDragon Goodies to the first 50 early birds. Not an early bird, I will be hanging around for part of the day Saturday, find me and I might just have a prize for you, won't be too hard to find one of the only 10 to 20 guys or so I will be sporting my newly made Doodle Dragon Studios shirt...


Scrapcat 1 said...

have a fab time at the expo I'm sure you and the kids will have a ball

Kimberly said...

have fun, we never have anything like expo's or conventions near where i live. It would be fantastic to view all the great products and such....TFS! and by the way your shirts ROCK!!!