Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Doodledragon Crew Introduction - Day 7

Just a few more days and you will get to see a fabulous NEW Release....I can hardly stand to wait that long in order to show you.   I am distracting myself by drawing some more great stuff.  You will just have to be patient with me.  But in the mean time, how about I introduce....Veronica, known around these parts as "V"....here is her story.

Many, many, many years ago, somewhere shortly after dinosaurs roamed the earth, on a Tuesday...oh, wait...that's a different story.  Let's see...I live in central Oklahoma with my firefighter husband (who recommended we live together) and adorable little monsters, who keeps us entertained most nights and awake until all hours of the rest of them. When I'm not being entertained by my monsters or spending time with my husband, I am a certified computer geek and work as a Quality Control & HR Benefits Admin. 

I have a somewhat quirky sense of humor, a passionate fear of things with 8 legs and an obsession with scrapbooking tools.  To me, stamps are scrapbooking tools. This justifies my driving need to have the most stamps before I die.  Digital stamps totally count.  I grew up with an artist mother and while I never had the interest to draw my own images, I love pulling out my growing collection of colored pencils and tackling the works of our fine Sheriff. There is not much cooler in my bag of paper crafting tricks than watching the images come to life under my finger tips.  No Copics are harmed, or even used in my work.  Contrary to the popular myth (and my driving need for really cool tools), I tried them and just didn't like them.  

Everything else you need to know about me an be summed up with my favorites:

Favorite sport - Hockey (Go Pens!); Favorite color - Red; Favorite "Designs" - Dragons and Monsters (and sometimes Monkeys, Bears, Penguins and possibly Frogs); Favorite Stamp Designer - Dustin (seriously, did really expect a different answer there?); Favorite embellishment - Buttons!; and finally favorite crafty tool - my craft knife.

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Rhonda Miller said...

What cute creations. Thanks for sharing.

Gramma said...

I love your work "V." So glad to get to know you a little... I share your obsession with Dustin's images.. "Sheriff??"

Gloria said...

I don't do copics either.
Love your cards!

V said...

Of course he's a Sheriff! He's the man in charge! At least in charge of our DT.

Thanks for your awesome comments ladies!

designsfromwithinbycharlotte said...

V...I love all your pretty projects! I think most of us are obsessed on this DT...with Dustin's images of course. Thanks for sharing your talent!