Sunday, February 20, 2011

DoodleDragon Crew Introduction - Day 5

With all that talk about challenges yesterday, I just thought I would go ahead and announce the date that we will officially be starting our challenges here on my blog...get out your paper, scissors, and glue.  Get that printer warmed up and printing!  Challenges will officially start Sunday, February 27th!  You will have two weeks to create something fantastic and enter using Mr. Linky.  I look forward to seeing what you create!  And now, I would like to officially welcome Ted to our Doodledragon Crew.  Ted proves that guys can be crafty too.

Here is what Ted wrote...

On a beautiful Thursday, Ted entered the world bawling like...well, like a baby.  Little did he know he shared Hitler's birthday.  Little did he care.  At some point in time, he just wanted to drink milk and burp his way to a slumbering bliss.  That lasted for about 6 months, give or take.

Growing up, he always had an affinity for the arts and crafts.  While other boys were practicing their curveball, Ted was practicing his cursive.  While other guys were dreaming of the perfect race car, Ted was dreaming of the perfect markers.  Dabbling in the many forms of art, he found his calling with the woman-dominated world of scrapbooking and paper-crafting.  Yes, he's just that intelligent.  Nothing does Ted love more then the challenge of finding a popular paper-crafting tool in a color other than pink, Good times.

Card making became Ted's hobby of choice when he realized that the canvas was much smaller, ergo more manageable.  When he stumbled upon Dustin Pike's fun, playful style, Ted just knew Dustin was the artist to follow!  Combining his love of Photoshop Elements with Dustin's wonderful digital images, Ted was having a blast at his keyboard (legally).  He knew that someday he would have to become a part of the Doodledragon Studio design team (Doodledragon Crew).  Imagine his joy when he asked Dustin if there were any openings and Dustin invited him on board.  Let's face it...being the only guy DT member...surrounded by all these beautiful women?

Here is some of Ted's artwork.

You can see more of Ted's cards HERE.


Stephenie said...

Your cards are beautiful! I also enjoyed your humorous biography! I'll bet your students enjoy being on your class!

Gramma said...

Great to finally get to know a little about you. Kudos for not being intimidated by all the strong women on the DT.

Jennifer Dove said...

your right Gramma...he should be running and hiding ...ha ha

Ruthy said...

Gorgeous cards! I see you work very well with stamps, a technique I really need to dominate. Thanks for sharing.

Scrapcat 1 said...

welcome Ted, love your story and your cards look fab

designsfromwithinbycharlotte said...

Ted, your bio is fun! Love the cards you chose for this intro. Awesome job!